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Know Your Worth When Getting Divorced

Our office understands the emotional tolls and stresses involved when spouses reach the ultimate decision in ending a marriage relationship.  Divorces by their very nature are inherently hostile and contentious between the parties, especially when it involves the division of marital property of significant monetary value.  Allow us to alleviate that stress by contacting our office for an assessment of the marital property in dispute to determine its true value that you may be entitled to upon the conclusion of your divorce case.

We will Fight to Protect Your
Rights and Your Children.

Child Welfare Law is an area within the Family Law world involving child custody suits filed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, otherwise known as Children’s Protective Services (CPS).  Here, we understand the state of panic that may ensue at the thought of CPS knocking on your door.  As a former CPS prosecutor with the Harris County Attorney’s Office, Dan-Phi V. Nguyen appreciates the bond a child has with the parent and further understands the emotional trauma children as a result of unjustified removals from their home by CPS.   His vast knowledge and courtroom trial experience in representing CPS is an invaluable defense tool to utilize when faced with a CPS investigation.  He has personally observed the overreach by CPS’s decision to remove children from their families and is making it his mission to hold CPS within the parameters of the law.  There is no one else you would rather have by your side to level the playing field against this government entity.  Our office offers a hands on and personal approach to litigating these important cases involving your legal rights as a parent with the best interest of the children in mind. We work hard to keep CPS honest.

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